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Our Antiques

Every year, we gather together the items we feel are special, things on which passage of time has left its mark yet could use a second chance.

We’re passionate fans of the Bronte sisters and the romantic artefacts that we’ve preserved from the past.

 It’s wonderful to think about all the things we’ve recovered to bring back into our homes and be loved once again.

Remember that our vintage artefacts have been pre-loved, thus the passage of time has left its mark. But this is what makes them so special and unique.

Our '" Zarzo Collection"

Top " Zarzo"

Our Dinner Tables

These have been inspired by dinners shared together with friends and the lives of the many families who came to Australia   from Italy, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Vietnam... 

We believe the best moments in life are those we spend together with friends and family around the dinner table.

Our picnics

We love the "picnics" where we mix all sorts of objects, old and new.

We love to fill them with fruit and flowers  so we can enjoy good times with friends.


Our Showroom, La Coruña ( Spain)

We’ve collected tableware, tablecloths, silver and antique tableware from a lot of countries  including France, England, and Denmark.

We’ve sourced with love and have been inspired by our travels, European porcelain, Hand-embroidered French Damask napkins and table line, cutlery  ... that return to our tables to be enjoyed once again. 

Our favorite markets

 We love the magic and creativity that surrounds the markets

It’s nigh on impossible to say goodbye without feeling an overwhelming desire to return.

Mercado de Motores ( Madrid)

PopUp Chic (Madrid)

Santa Market ( Catalonia)

Campus Market (Galicia)

Mercado de las Luces (Galicia)

Mercado de San Agustín (Galicia)

Mercado de Navidad Distrito Picasso (Galicia)


When I came to Australia, I transitioned from pharmacology to the home decoration business. Here, I discovered a whole new wonderful world of vintage décor, as well as the value of recycling and enjoying pre-loved items.